The Healing Environment

For more than a decade, hospitals across the nation have increasingly embraced the concept of the “healing environment” with respect to patient care.

The healing environment is based on the knowledge that patients respond favorably to their medical care when their environment includes fresh air, natural lighting, natural material and other aesthetically appealing décor. When this much desired surrounding is made available to the patient, the patient experiences a sense of wellness, hope of regaining health, comforted and cared for. The same is true for the staff that spends countless hours providing medical care to the patient.

These concepts have carefully been researched and applied to the blueprint of Plaza Lecea. Open space atriums, the infusion of natural light, healing gardens, art collections and color palletes build the commitment of a healing environment for patients and staff alike.

Research continually demonstrates the various benefits of this people-focused approach. The ability to bring the “outside in” can create these positive psychological effects for your patients in that it will:

  • Immerse the patient in the healing process
  • Increase patient comfort and sense of wellness
  • Perceived increase in competency of office staff
  • Lead to more pleasant communications
  • Higher commitment to medical therapy
  • Increased trust in the medical care provider
  • Greater satisfaction with the quality of services received

The healing environment also has a significant impact on office staff:

  • Higher morale
  • Lower turnover rate
  • Reduced medical errors
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Enhanced dedication to patient care
  • Calmer, more caring work environment
  • Greater job satisfaction

The financial impact of the healing environment is outstanding profitability with less effort due to:

  • Higher staff productivity
  • Staff retention means savings from the cost of recruitment
  • Less personnel issues to address
  • Greater patient loyalty and referral rates to help build a larger patient base quickly
  • More time to address your business plan and growth strategies for the next level