About Plaza Lecea

Provident Development Group Ltd. is the owner of Plaza Lecea. Provident’s major partner is Professional Performance Development Group, Inc., a company that has been in the medical field for more than 30 years. The partners have extensive experience providing direct healthcare, medical research, behavioral health, technology, quality control and engineering services to major Department of Defense Medical Centers across the United States.  

Professional Performance Development Group has not only the experience, but has extensive knowledge of the value of streamlining the efficiency of medical operations and the many benefits a healing environment has upon the patient and staff. Their staff is located at more than 21 states and Washington, DC and serve in more than 350 different positions. For more information or job opportunities please visit their website - https://ppdg.com.

Both organizations, Provident and Professional Performance are dedicated and highly experienced in health care. Their expansion into the creation of a building that incorporates the best infrastructure and support for the medical practitioner or other businesses. This is indicative of their commitment to our community and desire to enhance the quality of care provided by our medical community.

Our desire and goal is to ensure that staff of our tenants perform their best in an efficient and pleasant work environment and their patients and guests experience is enhanced by the qualities of a healing environment.

For more information about the partners and the concept behind Plaza Lecea, click here.